Choosing Ecoflo Septic Systems for Developers Near Lancaster

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What are Ecoflo Septic Systems?


Ecoflo is the latest in environmentally sustainable septic systems. We have developed the most economical and ecological option for septic systems in the world.

Using coco husks for waste water filtration our systems are designed with a highly compact design to minimize their cost and size without compromising their effectiveness.

With an average lifespan of 10 years for the coconut husks these systems have great longevity. Plus, when the system is cleaned the husks are perfect for composting, and the only additional step is adding more coco fibers to the tank.

Why Choose Ecoflo Septic for Your Development?

Cheaper Than Most Septic System Alternatives

Because of the simplicity of our design and the abundance of coco husks we’re able to keep the cost of our systems to a minimum.

Less Labor to Install Systems

With our incredibly small design, and the fact that there are so few pieces, the installation takes only an afternoon and minimal equipment to install.

Greater Selling Point to Potential Buyers

The Ecoflo is environmentally sustainable and occupies less yard space. Making your septic system an asset to potential buyers instead of something to be dealt with. Which helps resale value of the home.

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About AWE Tech

We’ve been working on septic systems for [number] years. And we’ve been a certified provider of Ecoflo systems since [year].

Our goal is to help developers and home builders get the right systems installed on their projects to not only help them keep their bottom line, but also help make their properties as desirable and attractive to potential buyers as possible by making their septic systems less obstructive, easier to maintain, and ecologically sustainable.


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