Ecoflo Septic Systems

The septic company to help you save money, save your yard, and save the environment

Don’t Deal with A Sand Mound Septic System

If you live in an area where you’ve been told a traditional septic system isn’t viable you’ve probably been told you need to install a mound system. But mound systems are not your only option, and not really the best. 

Disadvantages of Sand Mound Septic Systems

Inaccessible Filters

Hard to reach filters make it that much harder to repair when there are clogs

Causes problems during resale

Impacts the resale value of your home and may cause set backs to settlement.

Requires Lengthy Installation

Means a longer time that a contractor has to be in your yard taring up your property.

Limits use of yard

Makes more of your yard limited, and unavailable for appealing landscaping.

About the Ecoflo Septic System

With the Ecoflo system we work with the most economically and ecologically friendly septic system on the market.

We developed a system using coconut fibers to build a compact and highly effective system. To learn more about how this system works click below.

Benefits of an Ecoflo Septic System

Protect the Resale Value of Your Home


Quick and Easy to Install

Environmentally Sustainable System

Unique Annual Maintenance

Septic Services

AWE Tech is a full service septic company capable of doing everything from designing and working with you to find the right septic system, to installing and getting your home set up with your new Ecoflo.

Complete Septic System Design

Talk with our team of experts to find out exactly what kind of system you need in your home based on layout of your property, size of your yard, and load capabilities required.

Septic System Installation

Our experienced crew will come out and take care of everything to get your new Ecoflo system set up and ready to go. All without destroying your landscaping and faster than typical systems.


Satisfaction Guaranteed